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On this website we provide information on new property launches in Singapore and globally, and how to get units direct from developers at launch Preview prices.

There is strong interest in Singapore property due to our economic resilience & political stability. Singapore real estate has proven to be solid investments, more than doubling in value the last 10 years.

Real estate has historically served well as an instrument for capital appreciation, as a safe haven for funds, and in protecting the value of savings from being eroded by inflation. This is especially so in recent times, with the explosion of wealth in Asia and Singapore.

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An important aspect of projects on this website are the developers behind them.  We have collated a list with links to more information on them and their track records.

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Every project is marketed by authorised sales teams appointed by the developer.

For such developer launches, you are actually buying directly from the developer.  Our job is to provide you the necessary information to make an informed decision, to help you find the right project and unit that meets your needs & budget, and help you understand and navigate the minefield of rules and regulations governing property transactions.

We don’t charge you any fees for our work.  But as we are paid by the developer only for sales made, we do ask that you deal fairly with us.  Thank you. 🙂