Freehold Cluster Housing . A Legacy for Generations
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Here we review the Belgravia Ace Cluster Houses. Belgravia Ace is the third, and largest phase of the Belgravia Collection – brand new freehold strata landed houses at Belgravia Drive. This is part of Seletar estate, a sprawling landed housing enclave with a quiet gentle ambience, that borders Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 on its south.

Belgravia Ace is being developed and will be launched for sale by Fairview Development Pte Ltd, a unit of the Tong Eng Group. It comprises mainly semi-detached houses, 104 of them, and just three terrace units. They each come with 5 bedrooms and a private lift.

Artist's Impression . Belgravia Villas Reading Corner

Artist’s Impression . Belgravia Villas Reading Corner

Note: This is NOT an advertisement for sale.

New freehold cluster house developments of this size are rare. Most are small developments with little land. But in the case of Belgravia Ace, it comes with fairly large grounds, all the more as it occupies the largest site of the three phases. That means it is able to fit in more gardens and facilities and landscaping.

This gives residents the best of both worlds by combining the spaciousness of landed housing with the enjoyment of condominium facilities. Like swimming pools, spas, gym, fitness areas, and BBQ pits, with the maintenance all taken care of. It also provides a safe gated environment away from traffic hazards, that allows residents’ kids to roam freely in a closed community.


Belgravia Green & Belgravia Ace Estate View

Belgravia Green & Belgravia Ace Estate View . Click to Enlarge

Fairview Development will be creating beautiful homes here, that aim to improve upon the earlier phases. The units here will be bigger, and will continue to demonstrate its commitment to quality in the finishings and fittings used.

The Belgravia Ace cluster homes will be accessed via Belgravia Drive, off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. This is a 5 minute drive from the CTE (Central Expressway), which is under 25 minutes drive off-peak from Orchard Road, and the Raffles Place / Marina Bay CBD area.

The launch for sale of these Belgravia Ace cluster houses will likely take place in the 2nd half of 2021. Please drop us a note via the Contact Form if you would like to be kept updated on this.

Belgravia Green Semi-Detached Homes . Lap Pool

Belgravia Green Semi-Detached Homes . Lap Pool

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Other Features of Belgravia Ace Cluster Homes

For those trying to decide between a Belgravia Ace cluster house or a landed home instead, there are pros and cons to either choice.

On the one hand, a landed home has the advantage that you own the piece of land it sits on. So you are free to do whatever you like with it. You can re-build the house however you like, to whatever colour or material you prefer.

With cluster houses, you don’t have that freedom, since you must maintain a standard facade. (Which may have its attractions, as you won’t end up with really ugly neighbouring houses either.)

Belgravia Green Semi-Detached Houses . Rocky Pond

Belgravia Green Semi-Detached Houses . Rocky Pond

You don’t own a specific piece of land, but in common with the other proprietors you own the whole site communally.

That actually has its own advantage. Since the houses are strata units in the same way as for condominiums, owners can choose to collectively sell it to a developer in an en-bloc sale eventually, as the development ages. Once past the 20 year mark, it only needs 80% of the owners to agree. Landed property requires 100% approval, which almost never happens.

Over time the value of the land will rise. Freehold land as a proportion of residential stock is also getting less. One of this size is even rarer, and will always be in demand by developers.

The other advantage of cluster houses, is that you don’t have the burden of maintaining the house exterior or grounds yourself. That seems to be the biggest downside faced by landed homeowners, especially those who lead busy lives.

The gardens and landscaping are looked after for you, and the facades are painted every few years. Though you do have to pay a monthly maintenance fee, due to the pooling of funds it could possibly come up to less than what landed homeowners would have to pay themselves.

Artist's Impression . Belgravia Villas Pool View

Artist’s Impression . Belgravia Villas Pool View

Another attraction, particularly for families with children, is that cluster house developments offer condominium style facilities at your doorstep. While the facilities may not be as many as in larger condos, they are within a safe gated environment, which counts for a lot if the children are young.

The Belgravia Ace cluster housing project will be a mid-sized development. Projects of this size have a natural tendency to engender a neighbourly spirit among residents, due to the smallness of the community. Also given the landed character, they sometimes celebrate events together, like the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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    Project FactSheet

    Name Belgravia Ace
    Developer Fairview Developments Pte Ltd (Unit of Tong Eng Group)
    Status Cluster Housing (Only Singapore Citizens Eligible)
    Address Belgravia Drive (Off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5)
    District 20
    Site Area Approx. 26,600 m² (Approx. 280,000 sq ft)
    Plot Ratio 1.4
    Tenure Estate in Fee Simple (Freehold)
    Architect TBA

    Belgravia Ace Floor Plans

    The Belgravia Ace floor plan layouts are not available yet. Please drop your contact details in the Form below if you wish for the Belgravia Ace house floor plans to be sent to you once ready.

    Belgravia Ace Site Plan

    Access to the Belgravia Ace site is via Belgravia Drive, a new road that leads off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. It is the innermost of the Belgravia Collection phases, so is buffered from the main road by Belgravia Green and Belgravia Villas, which are already separated from the road by a 100 metre wide park.

    Like for the earlier phases, the Belgravia Ace houses will be set out in a North-South orientation. This minimises heat from the afternoon sun, while encouraging the passage of breezes from the prevailing monsoon winds.

    Belgravia Green Site Plan Layout

    Belgravia Green Site Plan Layout . Click to Enlarge

    Residents will get views to open spaces, and the landscaping within the site. The facilities and gardens will allow residents to incorporate outdoor activities into their daily routines. Besides the usual pools and BBQ or outdoor cooking pavilions, there will be exercise and children activity areas. Below are artist’s impressions of some facilities at Belgravia Green, similar to what can be expected for Belgravia Ace.

    Belgravia Green Terraces . Hydro Massage Pool

    Hydro Massage Pool at Belgravia Green Terraces

    Children's Playground

    Belgravia Green Children’s Playground

    Belgravia Ace Showflat · Viewing

    The Belgravia Ace showflat is not available for viewing yet. Please drop us a line via the Form below if you wish to be alerted when the Belgravia Ace showflat is ready to start taking viewing appointments.

    Belgravia Ace Prices · Unit Types

    Belgravia Ace Singapore Prices . Unit Types & Sizes . Click to Open / Close


    Unit Description Type No. of
    Strata Area
    (sq m)
    Strata Area
    (sq ft)
    Intermediate Terrace A TBC TBA TBA
    Corner Terrace B TBC TBA TBA
    Semi-Detached House C TBC TBA TBA
    Total Number of Units TBA

    Floor areas stated includes any Voids, Patios, Balconies, Terraces, A/C Ledges.

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    The Belgravia Ace pricing has not been finalised yet. Please let us know via the Contact Form if you wish to be updated on the pricing when available.


    The land for the development of the Belgravia Ace cluster houses has been owned by Tong Eng for some time. It is part of the chiefly freehold / 999 leasehold Seletar Hills Estate, that goes back a long way into the early days of Singapore.

    Tong Eng of course acquired the land at a much lower price than market rates today. But don’t expect them to sell at those early prices. So they will undoubtedly make a handsome profit off the sales at this strata housing development.

    The selling prices of the units here have not been revealed yet. However as an indication of the range to expect, we can look at prices of the last few Belgravia Green units sold. Those were semi-detached units that went at around SGD$3.9 million.

    Given that the Belgravia Ace semi-detached units are likely to be bigger, we can perhaps expect them to be in the $4 million plus range.

    About the Developer

    The Belgravia Ace homes are being developed by Fairview Developments, a fully owned unit of the Tong Eng Group. Tong Eng has developed quite a number of landed homes in the vicinity as well. These include Poets Villas, Stratton Park, 8 @ Stratton, Belgravia Park, Belgravia Villas, and Stratton Green. The last was Belgravia Green that is currently under construction.

    Tong Eng won a BCI Asia Top 10 Developer Award in 2018. Belgravia Villas won a PropertyGuru Best Housing Development Award for 2017.

    Poets Villas by Fairview

    Poets Villas by Fairview . Developer for the Belgravia Ace Development

    Poshgrove by Tong Eng

    Poshgrove by Tong Eng

    About the Tong Eng Group . Click to Open / Close
    TONG ENG GROUP (“Tong Eng” or “The Group”)

    The Tong Eng Group was previously called Tong Eng Brothers. It started operations in the 1940’s, before diversifying into property development in the 1950’s. In those days and going into the 1960’s, the Group built hundreds of houses and apartments in Tong Eng Heights (now called Changi Heights) and Changi Grove, to rent to British Armed Forces personnel .

    Other projects in the early days include shophouses along Upper Paya Lebar Road, West Sea Garden in Pasir Panjang, and Tong Kong Garden in Upper Paya Lebar.

    Today, Tong Eng continues to develop projects in various market segments that range from landed homes to apartments and condominiums, as well as offices and retail malls. Among these residential projects are places like Goodwood Grand, Prosper Gardens, Trendale Tower, Balcon East, Green Meadows, 3 Balmoral, Serenade Gardens, and Kew Cottages.

    Over its past 60 plus years, the Group has developed almost 200 acres of land. In the course of doing so, it has established a pretty solid track record as a reliable property player.

    This is besides the fact that Tong Eng’s stated aim is to build projects that are well-designed, with a high level of finishing and quality, and scrupulous attention to detail.

    3 Balmoral by Tong Eng

    3 Balmoral by Tong Eng

    Belgravia Ace Location · Features

    Belgravia Ace Location Plan and Neighbourhood

    Belgravia Ace Location Plan and Neighbourhood

    1. Location. The Belgravia Ace location lies within the Seletar Hills landed housing enclave, between Ang Mo Kio and Yio Chu Kang. Seletar Hills is a purely private residential estate that comprises mainly landed houses which range from one to three storeys high, interspersed on occasion by a few low-rise apartments and condominiums.

      The Belgravia Ace site is sandwiched between Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green to its south, and the landed houses along Stratton Drive to its north. To the west of the site is yet another freehold cluster housing development called Este Villas, that sold out within a few days of its launch about 10 years back.

      At that time, each intermediate terrace went for around $2 million, and were quickly snapped up within half a day. (So much has changed in just these 10 years alone. $2 million can’t get a new 99 year leasehold apartment of half that size nowadays.)

    2. F&B, Shops, Supermarkets, Banks. As is usually the case in landed housing estates, there is no F&B outlet or shopping centre or mall within easy walking distance. The nearest major ones which are NEX at Serangoon Central, Compass One at Sengkang Central, and AMK Hub at Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, are around 10 minutes drive away.

      For food hangouts and food courts, the favourites around here appear to be Jalan Kayu with its colourful alfresco dining options, and the food scene at Serangoon Gardens, including the ever popular Chomp Chomp Food Centre.

    3. Nearest MRT Station. Similarly the Belgravia Ace location is not within walking distance of an MRT station either. The nearest stations are Ang Mo Kio and Yio Chu Kang stations, both about 7 bus stops away.

      If driving, it should take about 5 minutes off-peak to get to the stations. Both stations lie on the North-South MRT line that goes down to Orchard Road, Raffles Place, and Marina Bay.

    4. Schools. There are no primary schools within a 1 km radius, though there are a few with the 2km radius. Among them the most notable is probably Rosyth Primary School. Though that does not help much for a school where even those within a 1 km radius have to ballot for a place.

      The other primary schools are Jing Shan, Hougang, Fernvale, and Sengkang Green Primary. These are mostly relatively new neighbourhood schools, which usually mean they come with pretty good facilities too.

    5. Accessibility. For residents who drive however, the Belgravia Ace location is not too inaccessible. It is 5 minutes by car from the nearest Central Expressway (CTE) exit. So off-peak, one could get to Orchard Road within 20 minutes or so, and to the Raffles Place and Marina Bay financial districts in roughly 25 minutes.


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