This is a Review of One Normanton Park. Kingsford’s 1 Normanton Park is a new condominium arising on the site of the former Normanton Park. This is a rare and interesting site, with some very attractive features. It is also a huge site.

Note: This is NOT an advertisement for sale. Normanton Park is not for sale yet.

Hence this review only looks at the locational attributes of One Normanton, and the developer’s background.

The previous Normanton Park condo was for a long time a landmark in the area, beside the Kent Ridge / Buona Vista research and educational hubs. It is on the doorstep of Science Park and the sprawling Kent Ridge university and medical campus, as well as just opposite the One North research and business park.

As of now, there are no other residential developments in the immediate vicinity. Kingsford’s new Normanton Park condo has the distinction of being the only one next door to Science Park, and the closest place for potential buyers or tenants working in these centres.

Kingsford One Normanton Park . Location & Neighbourhood Plan

Kingsford One Normanton Park . Location & Neighbourhood Plan

The other very attractive features of the Kingsford One Normanton Park site are its views, and its position beside nature reserves and parks. It sits on a high point of Kent Ridge Hill, right beside Kent Ridge Park and the Southern Ridges Green belt, that stretches to HortPark, Telok Blangah Park, and on to Faber Park.

Residents of south-facing units at Kingsford 1 Normanton Park should be able to get panoramic views all the way across Kent Ridge Park and the low-rise homes at South Buona Vista, to the sea off the West Coast, and the horizon. The nearer views are also good – close by we have the refreshing greenery of the Southern Ridges Green belt, an expanse of trees stretching into the distance.

However Kingsford Normanton Park does have two drawbacks. It is not within walking distance of an MRT station, though there are buses that take you to the nearest one, Kent Ridge station, one km away. Also, the north boundary of the site fronts onto the Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE), so inevitably units facing that way, while enjoying unblocked views, will get the traffic noise.

But units facing inwards or south will not have that problem. If you would like to know more, just register at the Contact Form for updates when further details on the Kingsford Normanton condo is available.


Background to the One Normanton Park Condo

The site of this project, the former Normanton Park condo, was sold for SGD$830.1 million to Kingsford Huray Development in October 2017.

Normanton Park Condo . Site of the new Normanton Condo

Normanton Park Condo . Site of the new Normanton Condo

At that time, it was one of the biggest collective (en bloc) sales deals seen in Singapore, though other sales since then have eclipsed it.

This deal was seen as a game changer for the property market. At almost 661,000 sq ft of land, there were earlier concerns that such a large site might be too big for developers to swallow.

But its sale changed the perception that there might not be an appetite for big sites. Even bigger sales have been concluded subsequently, especially those with good redevelopment potential or merit. In the case of Normanton Park, it is close to the Buona Vista growth story.

This development will house 1,882 apartment units, with room for lavish landscaping and a huge range of communal facilities.


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Project FactSheet

Name Normanton Park
Developer Kingsford Huray Development
Status Private Condominium (No restrictions on ownership)
Address 1 – 16 Normanton Park, Singapore 118998 – 119011
District 05
Site Area 61,408.9 m² (661,005 sq ft)
Floor Area 128,958.6 m² (1,388,111 sq ft)
Plot Ratio 2.1
Tenure 99 years leasehold
T.O.P. Date TBA
No. of Units 1,882
Description Private residential condominium comprising 1,882 apartment units with communal facilities, swimming pools, clubhouse, dining pavilions, car and bicycle parks set in landscaped grounds in a gated community
Architect TBA

One Normanton Park Floor Plans

The Kingsford Normanton Park floor plans are pending approval from relevant authorities. Kindly drop us a note via the Contact Form below if you would like us to send you the floor plans when finalised.

One Normanton Park Site Plan

Kingsford One Normanton Park Site Location

One Normanton Park Site Location . Looking South-Eastwards . Click to Enlarge

The Kingsford Normanton condo site is an elongated kite shaped plot of land, spanning between the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) at its north-east end, to Kent Ridge Park and the Southern Ridges nature reserves at its south-west end. It sits at the top of Kent Ridge Park, which slopes down towards South Buona Vista Road and Pasir Panjang.

To the south-east of the site is Alexandra Park. This is a quiet residential estate composed of greenery and conservation “Black-and-White” bungalows nestled amongst the trees, charming throwbacks of Singapore’s colonial past. These are beautifully looked after and rented out at exorbitant rates. Given their conservation status, it does not look like this estate will be built up anytime soon.

And to the north-west of the site is Science Park itself, with a thriving community of technology centres, research institutions, and businesses.

Which basically means Normanton Park will practically get all round unblocked views, including sea views to the south, as South Buona Vista and Pasir Panjang are zoned low-rise.

Kingsford Normanton Park Showflat

The One Normanton Park showflat is not available yet. Please let us know via the Contact Form below if you wish to be kept updated when the Normanton condo showflat is about to be ready.

One Normanton Park Prices · Unit Types

Kingsford Normanton Park Prices . Unit Types & Sizes . Click to Open / Close


Unit Description Type No. of
Strata Area
(sq m)
Strata Area
(sq ft)
1 Bedroom A TBC TBA TBA
2 Bedroom B TBC TBA TBA
3 Bedroom C TBC TBA TBA
4 Bedroom D TBC TBA TBA
5 Bedroom E TBC TBA TBA
Total Number of Units TBA

Floor areas stated includes any Voids, Patios, Balconies, Terraces, A/C Ledges.

Kingsford Normanton Park Pricing . Click to Open / Close


The One Normaton Park price ranges have not been decided yet. Please drop us a note via the Contact Form if you wish to be kept posted on indicative pricing when finalised.


Kingsford Huray Development clinched this 61,408.9 square metre Normanton Park condo site with a winning bid of SGD$830.1 million.

In addition, about $231.1 million more was payable to top up the lease back to 99 years, and another $283.4 million to develop the site to its maximum 2.1 plot ratio. This gives a permissible gross floor area of around 1.39 million square feet.

The total works out to a land price of $969 per square foot per plot ratio (PSF PPR), with resulting development value estimated at $2.23 billion.

After taking into account development costs like construction, financing and overheads, the breakeven cost will be close to $1,470 PSF.

About the Developer

The developer for Normanton Park Singapore is Kingsford Huray, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingsford Development.

KINGSFORD Development was set up in 2000 by Hong Kong registered Kingsford Investments. The Kingsford Group of companies is involved in manufacturing, property development, and property management.

Since its inception, the Group has developed projects in China, including a mega condominium, that have contributed over 6,000 apartments to the residential market. It has also invested into a 60,000 square metre site in central Brisbane that will soon offer 600 to 700 residences for sale.

In Singapore, Kingsford is probably most notable for its development of two condominiums: Kingsford Hillview Peak, and Kingsford Waterbay with over 1,100 units, close to the size of One Normanton.

Waterbay by Kingsford . Developer for One Normanton Park

Waterbay by Kingsford . Developer for the One Normanton Park Condo

Artist's Impression . Waterbay by Kingsford . Developer for One Normanton Singapore

Artist’s Impression . Waterbay by Kingsford . Developer of Normanton Park Singapore

Normanton Park Location · Features

Kingsford One Normanton Park Location . Amenities

Kingsford One Normanton Park Location . Amenities

  1. Location. Located in District 05, at Normanton Park road off Science Park Drive. This is the only large residential development in the immediate neighbourhood. Other than this, across Kent Ridge Park and accessed by the winding South Buona Vista Road, we have the low-rise residential estate of Pasir Panjang.

    District 05 is usually ranked just after District 15. The homes here are mainly landed houses or private condominiums.

  2. Nearest MRT Station. The One Normanton location is not within easy walking distance of an MRT station. The nearest, Kent Ridge station, is about 1km away, and would take 15 minutes to walk in a direct line.

    However there are public buses and a bus stop near by, and shuttle buses that loop between Science Park and the MRT station.

  3. Business Centres. The Kingsford Normanton condo location is actually quite close to the city centre. Via the AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway) it takes roughly 10 minutes to drive to the CBD and the Marina Bay Financial District.

    But even nearer at hand are many research, industry, and business centres. Besides Science Park next door, there is One North (5 minutes drive up the road), Mapletree Business City (10 minutes drive), and International Business Park (10 minutes drive). Just the last three alone employ a workforce of over 50,000, many of whom could be potential buyers and tenants.

  4. Shops, Supermarkets, F&B, Medical. Science Park I next to the 1 Normanton Park location provides a good range of F&B outlets. Scattered around it are several cafes & restaurants, a food court, bistros and wine bars, and even a couple of childcare centres. And there are the famed food haunts of Pasir Panjang as well.

    However for a more complete range of shops, supermarkets and banking facilities, you will have to move further afield. Such as to Holland Village, Alexandra Retail Centre, or VivoCity.

  5. Educational Institutions. This area has been zoned one of the main research, technology, and education hubs of Singapore. It is houses centres like One North, the National University of Singapore and related research institutes, the Kent Ridge medical campus, Science Park, and so on.

    A number of international and business schools flourish here as well. Such as United World College, INSEAD, the ISS International School (Preston campus), ESSEC Business School, Unilever Four Acres, the Japanese schools, Dover Court Prep school.

  6. Nature Reserves & Parks. The Normanton condo location is right beside Kent Ridge Park. This forms part of one of the longest stretches of nature parks in Singapore: the Southern Ridges Green belt, that starts at Kent Ridge Park, links to HortPark, then Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Mount Faber Park. Across from that, we have the Labrador Nature Reserve and Coastal Walk.
  7. Accessibility. The Normanton Park location joins very quickly to the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and from there to the network of expressways around the island.

Currently the Pasir Panjang Port is off the coast here, which does spoil the sea views a bit. But that is set to change after 2027. Under URA’s grand scheme of things in the master plan, the port will move to Tuas. In its place, around Tanjong Pagar and part of Pasir Panjang will arise an ambitious waterfront city, to be called the Greater Southern Waterfront City.

It will be 2.5 times the size of Marina Bay, span 1000 hectares, and include a 30-km nature trail linking Labrador Park to Gardens by the Bay. When the Greater Southern Waterfront City takes shape, property values in the vicinity is expected to rise in tandem with it.


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