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Here we present the launch of the Treasure at Tampines condo, that replaces Tampines Court, the HUDC development previously on the site. It has been several years since there was last a new launch at Tampines within walking distance of an MRT station and shopping mall.

Treasure at Tampines addresses that gap, and faces little competition as there will be no other upcoming launches in the vicinity either. Better still, it is being priced below other new launches (even those not near an MRT station), and close to what upcoming Executive Condominiums will be sold at.

Artist's Impression . Treasure Condo Singapore . Clubhouse

Artist’s Impression . Treasure Condo Singapore . Clubhouse

In fact, Treasure at Tampines is better located than most others. It is in a mature location, well serviced by basic amenities. It is less than 650 metres, or 9 minutes walk accessible via a side gate with covered linkway to an overhead bridge across the PIE, to Simei MRT station on the East-West line.

Next door to Simei MRT station is a shopping centre, Eastpoint Mall. The Treasure at Tampines site is also within walking distance, to Changi General Hospital and the St Andrews Community Hospital, which is useful.

Hospitals in Singapore depend to a large extent on foreign and expatriate staff for their medical and support workforce. So these could provide a potential tenant pool for Treasure at Tampines property investors.

Tampines is also one of the closest estates to Changi International Airport. And this year 2019, Jewel at Changi, a mega mixed development there with retail and lifestyle experiences will open.

Closer home, we have the Tampines Round Market & Food Centre a couple of blocks, 4 minutes walk away. And we also have Tampines Town Centre with its MRT station, offices, several retail malls, and large bank operations not too far away either.

All in, this development should cater to pent up demand in the east of Singapore, particularly among buyers with family ties in the Tampines or Changi district, for a conveniently-located new development.

Its name, Treasure, expresses its concept and celebration of what is precious to you – not just of riches but also of joys and hope, and love.

Artist's Impression . Treasure at Tampines Showflat . Condo Drop Off

Artist’s Impression . Treasure at Tampines Showflat . Condo Drop Off


Treasure at Tampines Condo . About Tampines Estate . Click to Open / Close

Why Tampines Estate

Treasure at Tampines is sited within Tampines Regional Centre, the first of the regional centres to be conceived and built as part of the government’s plan to decentralise economic activity away from the CBD (Central Business District).

It is the most established of the regional centres, and in fact paved the way for development of Jurong and Woodlands, the other two regional centres. Today, Tampines remains one of the most sought after estates for new HDB BTO sales. Resale HDB flat prices in Tampines have also outperformed those in neighbouring towns.

There are reasons why Tampines is one of the top choices for homes. For a start, it boasts a complete range of amenities, including three major shopping malls within 1.5 km of the Treasure at Tampines condo. It is also well served by educational institutions, schools, and childcare centres.

Transport-wise, Tampines is on both the East-West MRT Line, and the Downtown Line, and is served by an extensive bus network. The Downtown Line has helped alleviate congestion and linked residents to their workplaces in the Marina Bay Financial District as well.

For business travellers who fly frequently, Treasure at Tampines offers the convenience of proximity to Changi International Airport.


Tampines · The Commercial Centre of the East

According to the Department of Statistics, Tampines has the 2nd highest number of working adults. The reason is that this part of Singapore is one of the biggest employment hubs outside of the Central Business District, with over 1.1 million square metre of commercial space.

The main employment clusters here include Changi Business Park, Changi Airport, and Tampines Regional Centre itself.

Retail centres aside, Tampines Regional Centre has shaped up as a base for the back-office functions of major banks, complementing the nearby Changi Business Park.

Several large businesses and MNCs (Multi-National Corporations) are located at Tampines Town Centre as well. Such as Eva Air, Hitachi, Nucleus Software, international architectural practice Wilson Associates, and financial institutions like NTUC Income and AIA. Major government bodies like HDB and the CPF Board have offices here too.

Changi Business Park is one of Singapore’s biggest integrated business parks, with 71,000 square metres of space housing some of the world’s leading software and technology firms, and data enterprises.

Changi Airport accounts for 3 per cent of GDP, and close to 80,000 jobs. The SIA Group alone employs about 26,000 staff.

Considering that 2/3 of working persons here travel to work via public transport, or on foot, it is no surprise that commuting time is a major consideration when buying or renting a house.

It is worth noting here that Treasure at Tampines is less than 20 minutes walk to Tampines Regional Centre, and residents working there can get some exercise at the same time.

Demand for homes in Tampines may accelerate, given URA’s plans to build even more commercial space in the east, that could add 30 per cent more to current stock. Part of that will come from the further expansion of Changi Airport, and Changi Business Park’s plans to consolidate its position as a major employment centre.

Today, Tampines has matured into an attractive live-work-play destination, that the Treasure at Tampines condo will plug into. This place strikes a balance between convenience and affordability.


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    Project FactSheet

    Name Treasure at Tampines
    Chinese Name: Garden of Gathered Treasures
    Developer Sim Lian (Treasure) Pte. Ltd.
    Co. Reg. No. 201715971Z
    Status Condominium (No restrictions on foreign ownership)
    Address 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57 Tampines Lane
    District 18
    Site Area 60,283.84 m² (648,889 sq ft)
    Floor Area 168,794.75 m² (1,816,906 sq ft)
    Plot Ratio 2.8
    Tenure 99 years leasehold w.e.f 29 November 2018
    No. of Blocks 29
    No. of Storeys 12
    T.O.P. Date 31 December 2024
    (Target 2nd Quarter 2023 Non-Commitment Basis)
    No. of Units 2,203
    Car Park Spaces 1,754 basement spaces + 24 surface spaces + 11 handicap parking spaces
    Architect Design Link Architects Pte Ltd
    Landscape Architect Design Link Architects Pte Ltd
    Mechanical Engineer Kunda Consulting Engineers
    C&S Engineer OCC Consultants Pte Ltd
    Electrical Engineer CDA Consultancy Pte Ltd
    Main Contractor S&L City Builders Pte Ltd
    Project Account Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited for Project A/C No. 712- 656602-001 for Sim Lian (Treasure) Pte. Ltd.
    Developer’s Solicitors Allen & Gledhill LLP
    Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

    Treasure at Tampines Floor Plans

    The Treasure at Tampines floor plans are available. Kindly drop us a note via the Contact Form if you would like the Treasure at Tampines condo floor plans to be sent to you.

    The design theme of the Treasure condo is based on modern and contemporary architecture. Glass is used extensively to bring light and brightness into the living areas.

    Floor plan layouts are pragmatic and very functional, with minimal space wastage. The units are provided with quality fittings from Electrolux and Hansgrohe.

    Artist's Impression . Treasure Condo Pool

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure Condo Pool

    Artist's Impression . Treasure at Tampines Floor Plan . Garden

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure Tampines Floor Plan . Garden

    Artist's Impression . Treasure Condo Showflat . BBQ Pavilion

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure Condo Showflat . BBQ Pavilion

    Treasure @ Tampines Site Layout Plan

    Treasure at Tampines Condo Site Location . Orientation & Neighbourhood

    Treasure at Tampines Site Location . Orientation & Neighbourhood

    The Treasure at Tampines site is a 702,164 sq ft irregularly-shaped parcel of land, in a roughly north-south direction width-wise. It sits at the corner of Simei Avenue and the PIE (Pan Island Expressway), but with a fair bit of green buffer land in between.

    Hence there will be relatively open views to the west and south of the site, that will allow good wind flows through it.

    Treasure Condo Site Plan

    Treasure Condo Site Plan . Click to Enlarge

    The site itself is huge, and will yield 2,203 units. Given the large land area, the facilities will be “doubled” to 128, which spreads out usage among the residents and offers a wide variety to cater to a spectrum of preferences. They include different pools and 9 function rooms.

    There will be as many as 5 side gates, one of which will open onto a covered linkway all the way to the bridge across the PIE that leads to Simei MRT station.

    For car ingress / egress, there are two, with drop-off points. One being the Garden Arrival point along Tampines Lane, and the other is the Clubhouse Arrival point from Tampines Street 11.

    Artist's Impression . Treasure at Tampines Condo Pool

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure at Tampines Condo Pool

    Artist's Impression . Treasure at Tampines Site . Kids Pool

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure at Tampines Site . Kids Pool

    Artist's Impression . Treasure Tampines Condo . Playground

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure Tampines Condo . Playground

    Artist's Impression . Treasure at Tampines Singapore . 24 Hour Gym

    Artist’s Impression . Treasure Tampines Singapore . 24 Hour Gym

    Treasure at Tampines Showflat · Viewing

    Please let us know via the Contact Form if you wish to view the Treasure at Tampines showflat.

    There are 33 types of layouts in this project. The Treasure at Tampines showflat showcases the following unit types:
    . 2 Bedroom + Study . Type B7S . 63 sq m . 678 sq ft
    . 3 Bedroom Premium . Type C9P . 96 sq m . 1,033 sq ft
    . 4 Bedroom Premium . Type D9P . 124 sq m . 1,335 sq ft
    . 5 Bedroom Premium . Type E4 . 160 sq m . 1,722 sq ft

    3D Open House: just click on the arrows to view the show units online now.

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    Treasure at Tampines Price · Unit Types

    Treasure at Tampines Condo Prices . Unit Types & Sizes . Click to Open / Close


    Unit Description Type No. of
    Strata Area
    (sq m)
    Strata Area
    (sq ft)
    1 Bedroom A1 187 43 463
    1 Bedroom + Study A2S 44 45 484
    2 Bedroom B1 – B3 265 54 – 57 581 – 614
    2 Bedroom Premium B4P – B6P 160 61 – 63 657 – 678
    2 Bedroom + Study B7S, B8S 313 63 678
    3 Bedroom C1 – C7 417 76 – 88 818 – 947
    3 Bedroom Premium C8P – C10P 344 94 – 101 1,012 – 1,087
    4 Bedroom D1 – D3 176 115 – 118 1,238 – 1,270
    4 Bedroom Premium D4P – D9P 187 119 – 127 1,281 – 1,367
    5 Bedroom Premium E1 – E4 110 155 – 160 1,668 – 1,722
    Total Number of Units 2,203

    Floor areas stated includes any Voids, Patios, Balconies, Terraces, A/C Ledges.

    Treasure at Tampines Prices . Click to Open / Close


    The starting Treasure at Tampines prices, accurate as at 13 June 2020, are listed here. Note that they are subject to change as units get sold.

    Please let us know via the Contact Form if you would like the latest prices of specific units.

    Unit Description Strata Area
    (sq ft)
    Prices Start
    From (SGD$)
    Estd Monthly
    1 Bedroom 463 SOLD OUT $150 – $165
    1 Bedroom + Study 484 SOLD OUT $150 – $165
    2 Bedroom 581 – 614 From $858K up $180 – $198
    2 Bedroom Premium 657 – 678 From $895K up $180 – $198
    2 Bedroom + Study 678 From $901K up $180 – $198
    3 Bedroom 818 – 947 From $1.13M up $180 – $231
    3 Bedroom Premium 1,012 – 1,087 From $1.307M up $180 – $231
    4 Bedroom 1,238 – 1,270 From $1.534M up $210 – $231
    4 Bedroom Premium 1,281 – 1,367 From $1.631M up $210 – $231
    5 Bedroom 1,668 – 1,722 From $1.89M up $240 – $264
    Land and Development Costs . Background . Click to Open / Close

    The Treasure at Tampines land parcel was the sprawling former Tampines Court, that Sim Lian Land snapped up for SGD$970 million in August 2017.

    In addition to the purchase price for the land, Sim Lian had to make two payments to the government. One to enhance the intensity of the site to the maximum plot ratio of 2.8 (the ratio of built-up floor area to land area). The other to top up the site lease to 99 years, from the remaining lease of 69 years.

    The value of the two premiums was around SGD$359 million – on top of the purchase price. All in, it works out to a land rate of $676 per square foot per plot ratio (PSF PPR).

    After taking into account probable development costs, including for financing & overheads, we could be looking at a break even of around SGD$1,200 to $1,250 PSF.

    About the Developer

    Treasure at Tampines is being developed by Sim Lian Land, part of the Sim Lian Group.

    The Sim Lian Group has been in the business of producing homes for families in Singapore for over 40 years, starting out first in construction. They have built up their business on the core principles of quality workmanship, prime location, and efficient space planning. In fact Sim Lian has a reputation in the market for practical and functional design.

    Today the Group is recognised as a reputable home-grown construction & property development company with a diverse portfolio under its belt of residential, industrial, retail, commercial, and mixed-use developments. It has also assembled an investment portfolio of commercial property in the region, as far as Australia.

    Sim Lian is evolving in tandem with market conditions over the years, and growing from strength to strength, led by a strong management team with collective experience of over 150 years in the industry.

    The Group remains committed to creating quality working and living spaces that make for smart investments for the future. Local examples of their work include The Lincoln Residences, Trilliant at Tampines, Rochelle at Newton, Hillion Residences & Hillion Mall, A Treasure Trove, Clover by the Park, and Vision Exchange.

    Lincoln Residences by Sim Lian . Developer for Treasure at Tampines

    Lincoln Residences by Sim Lian . Developer for Treasure at Tampines

    Trilliant by Sim Lian . Developer for Treasure at Tampines

    Trilliant by Sim Lian . Developer for Treasure at Tampines

    Treasure at Tampines Location · Features

    1. Location. The Treasure at Tampines location is within Tampines town, close to its border with Simei. Its actual address will be Tampines Lane, a new 2-way road that the developer will build leading directly into the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway), that will provide residents much greater convenience.

      The site is also within 1 km radius of Tampines Town Centre. Tampines has been designated as a regional hub since early 1990’s. Today, Tampines is one of the most developed regional centres, serving the east of Singapore.

    2. Shops, F&B, Supermarkets. Eastpoint Mall is an 8 to 9 minute walk across the overhead bridge to Simei. It provides a full range of shops and services, like a Fairprice supermarket, food court and fast food joints, restaurants and cafes, and a wide variety of outlets.

      But perhaps of greater interest to residents is the fact that about 1 km or 20 minutes walk away, we have the town centre with 3 major malls, and various smaller ones. For groceries, residents can shop at Cold Storage, Fairprice, Fairprice Finest, or a Giant hypermart.

      Not forgetting Tampines Hub, the first integrated community hub in Singapore that is a one-stop centre for government agency services too, combined with 100 retail shops, a hawker centre, a public library, and futsal and badminton courts.

      The Treasure at Tampines location also comes with its own neighbourhood market along Tampines Street 11, the landmark Round Market and Food Centre.

    3. Schools. A wide choice of schools here. There are 6 primary schools within the 1km radius of the Treasure at Tampines location, not to mention some secondary schools too. And within the 2km radius, we have more primary schools such as Red Swastika School and St. Hilda’s Primary School.

      Other academic institutions in the vicinity include the United World College of South East Asia (East Campus), the One World International School (East Coast Campus), and SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

    4. MRT Station. The Simei MRT station on the east-west line is around 600m or roughly 9 to 10 minutes walk across, via the overhead bridge over the PIE. But if driving, then the Tampines MRT station at the town centre is a 5 minute drive or 1.25km away.

    5. Accessibility. The Treasure at Tampines location is close to the exit to the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway), less than 5 minutes drive from it. Which brings you to the network of highways around the island. Also less than 15 minutes drive to Changi International Airport.


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