J’den Condo at Former JCube. Jurong East MRT Station
Request for Updates . Upcoming Development by Capitaland

Welcome to the launch of the J’den condo at Jurong Gateway, the heart of the Jurong Lake District. This is a mixed development that will arise on the site of the former JCube Mall owned by Capitaland.

Capitaland Group, via its development arm Capitaland Development (CLD), obtained provisional permission in early 2023 to redevelop the site. They will build a new 40-storey residential block on it, with commercial space at the ground and second levels. This will hopefully address some of the shortage of new home launches around Jurong Central in recent years.

The project will launch for sale tentatively in the last quarter of 2023, and is slated for completion around 2027.

The J'den Residences by Capitaland . Mixed Development on Site of Former JCube

The J’den Residences by Capitaland . Mixed Development on Site of Former JCube

It plugs into URA’s plans to add more homes, alongside amenities and new businesses, to the Jurong Lake District (JLD).

This is in line with the grand masterplan to transform JLD into Singapore’s largest business zone outside the city centre. It envisages JLD as a place to create and grow new businesses, homes, and leisure space against a lake setting. Unique in interweaving water and greenery with the attractions and vibrancy of a Central Business District.

Vision for Jurong Lake District by URA

Vision for Jurong Lake District by URA

JLD expects to add 20,000 new homes and 100,000 new jobs by 2040 to 2050, bringing fresh life to it. That is on top of the 1 million residents already living in this west side of Singapore.


The J’den Condo . Overview

The new J’den residences will link directly to Jurong East MRT interchange station. This station serves the North-South and East-West MRT lines, as well as the upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL). JRL is scheduled to open in phases from 2027 onwards.

Jurong Region Line to Tengah Estate

Jurong Region Line to Tengah Estate

With these three lines, residents should enjoy good connectivity island-wide, including to Changi Airport, the CBD, and Tuas Port.

J’den also links to the IMM Building and Westgate via J-Walk, an elevated sheltered pedestrian network. It will connect to the upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub as well.

The hub is set to provide a wealth of amenities that include a sports centre, a public library, an air-conditioned bus interchange, and a community club, as well as commercial spaces.

As summarised by the CEO of Capitaland Development, Mr Tan Yew Chin, “JLD is fast taking shape as Singapore’s model for smart and sustainable living. We are pleased to build on CapitaLand’s extensive presence in the area to contribute our real estate expertise to create yet another exceptional development that supports JLD’s transformation. Leveraging CapitaLand’s award-winning development capabilities, we are confident of maximising the excellent locational attributes of the site to create quality homes where residents could enjoy the privileges of living in a district where facilities for retail, entertainment, healthcare, education, sports and fitness are all within easy reach. The development is expected to launch for sale in 2H 2023.”

Artist's Impression . The J'den Condominium . Gardens and Pools

Artist’s Impression . The J’den Condominium . Gardens and Pools


The J’den Condo Highlights

Summary of the J’den development’s key points:

  1. Located in the Jurong Lake District, that encompasses Jurong Gateway and the Lakeside Precincts. This is set to become a unique residential + leisure + business hub, the largest outside the central area.
  2. J’den itself sits within Jurong Gateway, the commercial heart of the West Region and the Jurong Lake District. Jurong Gateway covers 70 hectares of ground around Jurong East Station. It will cater to a diversity of businesses and generate more jobs for residents, which incidentally increases the tenant pool. Plans are in place to build up to 5 million square feet of office space, and 2,800 hotel rooms. These are to be supported by more than 2.5 million square feet of retail & entertainment space.
  3.  The J'den Residence . Plans for the Jurong Lake District

    The J’den Residence . Plans for the Jurong Lake District . Click to Enlarge

  4. Hence the J’den condo should be well served by shopping centres and retail facilities in the neighbourhood. Existing ones within walking distance and connected by an elevated covered linkway are IMM, Westgate, and JEM. More will be added to the vicinity.
  5. Another attractive thing about this development, is its practically clear view westward to Jurong Lake. West-facing high-floor units this side will likely get unblocked views of the gardens and waters of the lake.
  6. The J'den Condo Location Plan at Jurong East MRT Station

    The J’den Residence Location Plan at Jurong East MRT Station

  7. Jurong Lake and the lake gardens are not just about greenery and views. They also provide outdoor activities for fitness buffs, and parks to roam around in for the less energetic.
  8. The Jurong Lake District is being envisioned too, as a new tourism destination for Singapore. To that end, URA is developing a lakeside village beside the lake. This will be a sprawling entertainment, shopping, dining, and hotel complex. Together with the new world class Science Centre, it will form a new integrated tourism development.
  9. Artist's Impression . Jurong Lakeside Tourism Development near J'den Residences

    Artist’s Impression . Jurong Lakeside Tourism Development . Source URA

  10. The developer for the J’den condo is the long established and reputable Capitaland Development. Capitaland is one of Singapore’s largest home-grown developers, with a long track record for reliability and fair market pricing.


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    URA’s Vision for the Integrated Tourism Development


    The J’den Residence . Jurong Lake District

    URA unveiled an ambitious blueprint in 2008, to turn the Jurong Lake District (JLD) into a new growth centre. Covering an area of 360ha (roughly that of Marina Bay), it would be the biggest regional hub outside the CBD.

    Panorama of the Jurong Lake District

    Panorama of the Jurong Lake District

    This hub would comprise two sections: the commercial centre at Jurong Gateway, and the leisure and recreational precinct at Lakeside. Together, they would make for a lively mixed-use district – one for work and leisure amidst a unique lakeside setting. It would mirror the city centre, with its own resident population and vibrant street scene, the “CBD of the West”.

    Artist's Impression . Retail Street Scene at Jurong Lake District near the J'den Condo . Source URA

    Artist’s Impression . Retail Street Scene at Jurong Lake District . Source URA

    Woven into it will be 100 hectares of open spaces, greenery and parks, including the 90ha Jurong Lake Gardens.

    Jurong Lake Gardens . Artist’s Impression by National Parks Board

    Jurong Lake Gardens . Artist’s Impression by National Parks Board

    JLD will prioritise public transport. URA has allocated more land for pathways for pedestrians, cyclists, and active mobility users.

    This district has the advantage of good MRT connectivity as well. The North-South and East-West MRT lines already serve the area. The Jurong Region Line and Cross Island lines, currently being built, will benefit residents here in future too.

    These two lines are targeting to complete by 2029 and the early 2030s respectively. They will link residents to education belts and other business regions, mostly within half an hour.

    The Cross Island Line will link to Bukit Timah, the north-east and east of Singapore, and Changi Airport. While the Jurong Region Line will ease travel to Jurong Industrial Estate, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and the Jurong Innovation District (JID).

    Singapore West Region . Research Hubs + Business / Industry Parks . Overview Map from URA

    Singapore West Region . Research Hubs + Industry Parks . Overview Map from URA

    JLD’s infrastructure gears towards creating a better living environment, while reducing energy use, and supporting sustainability. In tandem with that, it has being made a test bed for the current “intensive smart nation initiative”.

    Perhaps serendipitously, this side of Singapore hosts two top universities, that provide a deep talent pool. It is also home to research and science, and industry parks like one-North and JID. This helps the marine and high-value industries in the vicinity to tap on cutting-edge expertise and R&D.

    Details of the Jurong Lake District Precincts . Click to Open / Close


    The J’den Condo . Context of Jurong Gateway & Lakeside

    Jurong Gateway

    Jurong Gateway is the commercial core of JLD and the western section of Singapore. Centred around the Jurong East MRT station, it comprises mainly retail, office, and institutional buildings at present. Come 2029, it will include the Jurong Region Line, an Integrated Transport Hub, and even more community spaces and offices.

    Artist's Impression . Jurong Gateway at Jurong Lake District . Source URA

    Artist’s Impression . Jurong Gateway at Jurong Lake District . Source URA

    It will then become the biggest commercial centre outside the CBD, with over 5 million square feet of office space. Supporting amenities – shops, leisure, F&B, hotels – will also abound, to cater to the needs of residents and businesses. All these will have the distinction of a lakefront setting, with nodes connected seamlessly via multi-level walkways.

    Artist's Impression . Jurong Lake District . Pedestrian Flow in Seamless Streetscape . Source URA

    Artist’s Impression . Jurong Lake District . Pedestrian Flow in Seamless Streetscape . Source URA

    In the vicinity of Jurong Gateway are Jurong industrial estate, numerous research and educational institutes, and International Business Park too. Hence it makes for an attractive location for businesses and company headquarters in the technology, science, and sustainability fields.


    Lakeside Precinct

    This precinct features a 70-hectare lake with 17KM of waterfront promenade, set in 100 hectares of greenery and parks. The streets throughout JLD will also be lined with canopy trees, forming green corridors for shade and pathways for wildlife.

    In addition, a green network will link every project to the edge of Jurong Lake. This green spine aims to draw in the greenery of the parks to cool the urban spaces. Excess stormwater from these urban spaces is channeled into Jurong Lake too, in a further effort towards climate resilience.

    At the same time, Jurong Lake Gardens is being developed into a major family-friendly leisure destination. It will offer a venue for nature walks and birdwatching among its restored wetlands and expanse of grasslands as well.

    Jurong Lake District Waterfront near the J'den Condo. Artist's Impression

    Jurong Lake District Waterfront . Artist’s Impression . Source URA

    The various gardens of the lake will offer a variety of water and recreational facilities. For instance Lakeside Gardens, opened in April 2019, offers sports, water-play and recreational activities, wetlands, and nature-themed areas. It earned an Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific Award for Excellence.

    The rest of the gardens will complete later. Between 2023 to 2028, the revamped Japanese and Chinese Gardens, New Science Centre, and future tourism attraction will open progressively. These will line the waterfront with exciting new entertainment and leisure options.

    Artists Impression of Event Lawn at Chinese Garden

    Artists Impression of Event Lawn at Chinese Garden . Source URA


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      J’den Condo Project FactSheet

      Name J’DEN
      Developer Tanglin R.E. Holdings Pte Ltd
      Subsidiary of CapitaLand Development (Singapore)
      Status Mixed Development Condominium (Foreigners eligible to buy)
      Address 2 Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731
      District 22
      Site Area 7,771.2 m² (83,649 sq ft)
      Gross Floor Area (GFA) 32,639 m² (374,748 sq ft)
      Commercial GFA 2-storey commercial podium with estimated GFA of 1,300 m²
      Plot Ratio 4.2
      Tenure 99 Year Leasehold
      Estd TOP Date 2027
      No. of Storeys 40
      No. of Units 368 Residential Units
      Residential Car Spaces 294 car parking spaces + 112 bicycle parking spaces
      Project Description 40-storey Mixed-Use Development with 368 Residential Units + 2-storey Commercial Podium with 7 commercial units + J-Walk link at 2nd storey + 3-storey Basement Carpark
      Architect Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd
      Landscape Architect Coen Design International Pte Ltd

      The J’den Floor Plans

      The J’den Residence floor plans are not finalised yet.

      Please drop us a line via the Contact Form if you would like to be notified when the J’den condo floor plans are available.


      J’den Residence Design Concept . Inspiration

      The architectural and site concepts are taken from Jurong Lake Garden’s lush landscapes – the main lake with its islands, the meandering water edge, Neram Streams, “Rasau Walk”, and other features.

      In the same vein, the colours and textures used also drawn inspiration from elements in nature, like wood and stone.

      Artist's Impression . The J'den Condo Main Pool . On Former JCube Mall Site

      Artist’s Impression . The J’den Condo Main Pool . On Former JCube Mall Site

      The J’den Condo Site Plan

      The J’den Residence site is not a very big one, as it is very much a town centre site. It is a rough pentagon in shape, that covers just 83,000 square feet of ground. However this is made up for with a high plot ratio of 4.48, giving much more built-up space.

      The plot is bounded by Jurong East Central 1 and Jurong Gateway roads on almost four of its sides.

      Across these roads are Jurong Regional Library, bus interchange, and MRT station respectively, all low-rise in nature. While on its 5th side, to the back, are some low-rise HDB buildings too.

      Since J’den proposes to be 40 storeys high, most higher floor units here should get relatively unblocked views. That gives them a measure of privacy too, without other tall buildings facing them.

      Especially those facing west, toward Jurong Lake and its gardens. The wide water and greenery views on this side are pretty assured too, as no high rises are zoned here.

      The J'den Condo Site Location at Jurong Gateway

      The J’den Condo Site Location at Jurong Gateway . By URA


      Artist's Impression . J'den Condo Gym and Clubhouse

      Artist’s Impression . J’den Condo Gym and Clubhouse

      The J’den Showflat · Viewing

      The J’den condo showflat is not available yet. Please drop a line via the Contact Form if you wish to be alerted when it is ready.

      The J’den Condo Prices · Unit Types

      The J'den Price . Unit Types & Sizes . Click to Open / Close


      Unit Description Type No. of
      Strata Area
      (sq m)
      Strata Area
      (sq ft)
      1 Bedroom A 37 48 520
      1 Bedroom + Study AS 37 57 620
      2 Bedroom B 74 66 715
      2 Bedroom + Study BS 74 75 – 79 810 – 850
      3 Bedroom C 73 106 – 109 1,140 – 1,180
      3BR + Study (Premium) CS 36 111 1,200
      4 Bedroom (Premium) D 37 130 1,400
      Total Number of Units 368

      Floor areas stated includes any Voids, Patios, Balconies, Terraces, A/C Ledges.

      The J'den Residences Price . Click to Open / Close


      The J’den pricing has not been finalised yet. Please let us know via the Contact Form if you wish to be kept updated when the pricing is available.

      The specific J’den condo prices will be announced only at the Preview / balloting sales day, but indicative prices will be made known before that.

      The J'den Residences Price . Click to Open / Close

      Analysts are estimating that the residential units in this new development might launch at around $2,000 to $2,100 PSF. There is a possibility however, that it could go higher than that, given the cost of the site.

      Especially since The Lakegarden Residences in the vicinity recently launched at around $2K PSF. While Lakegarden enjoys unblocked views of Jurong Lake for many units, it is further out from the town centre. It is also not a mixed development, and not within walking distance of an MRT station.

      J’den residences, being both, is expected to price at a premium to that.

      In addition, CapitaLand Development acquired JCube and its land at a price of S$340 million. Though they got it via another subsidiary of CapitaLand, from CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust, it was at fair market valuation.

      As the Gross Floor Area (GFA) is about 374,000 square feet, the acquisition cost alone works out to roughly $1,005 PSF PPR (per square feet per plot ratio). This is without taking into account yet the cost of topping up the lease back to 99 years.

      If we add that, along with development costs including financing and overheads, breakeven is possibly close to $1,900 PSF. So it is not too far fetched to expect a selling price above $2,100 PSF. However at this point, the eventual selling price has not been finalised yet.

      About the Developer

      The J’den Singapore will be developed by CapitaLand Development, a subsidiary of the CapitaLand Group.

      CapitaLand is a well-known and very experienced industry leader, not just in property development, but in the management of mixed developments as well.

      About Capitaland Limited (“Capitaland” or the “Group”)

      Whilst rooted, listed, and headquartered in Singapore, CapitaLand is also one Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups. As of 30 June 2020, it owns and manages a worldwide portfolio totalling SGD$134.7 billion.

      The Group’s portfolio spans a wide range of real estate classes, including residential and lodging, integrated and urban developments. As well as retail and commercial, logistics, and industrial and business parks.

      Along with maintaining a presence in 220 cities across 30 countries, it focuses on Singapore and China as its core markets. At the same time, it is continuing to expand in markets like the USA, Australia, Europe, India and Vietnam.

      CapitaLand operates one of the largest real estate investment management businesses worldwide too.

      Under it are seven real estate investment trusts (REITs) and listed investment trusts, together with over 20 private funds. Such as the Ascott Residence Trust, CapitaLand Commercial Trust, Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust, CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust, Ascendas India Trust, and CapitaLand Retail China Trust.

      Marina One . Mixed Development by Capitaland . Developer for the J'den Condo

      Marina One . Mixed Development by Capitaland . Developer for the J’den Condo

      Over the years of its operation, the Group has completed numerous projects, including some notable ones in Singapore. Among these are D’Leedon, The Nassim, Sky Habitat, and Interlace, and the mixed development Marina One Residences. More recent ones include the integrated development Canninghill Piers at Clarke Quay, and the landmark One Pearl Bank.

      Canninghill Piers by CapitaLand Development . Developer for the J'den Condo

      Canninghill Piers by CapitaLand Development . Developer for J’den Residences

      For more details on Capitaland, see www.capitaland.com (opens in new window).

      The J’den Condo Location · Features

      1. Location. The J’den Residence is located in Jurong East Central, in Jurong Gateway, the commercial heart of the Jurong Lake District. This is an established estate with commercial and institutional buildings, offices, malls, and a mix of HDB and private housing.

        It is also near other technology and growth hubs like the International Business Park, and the Jurong Innovation District.

      2. Shops, F&B, Supermarkets, Banks. The J’den condo location is undoubtedly well-supported by amenities. It sits within the retail cluster around Jurong East MRT station. Malls nearby like IMM, Westgate, and Jem, provide the full range of dining and shopping outlets and services. In fact these are even linked by J-Walk, an elevated covered bridge, so they offer sheltered access too.

        In addition, the new lakeside village that URA is developing, is right across Jurong Town Hall Road, from the site. It will be a sprawling tourism complex that includes shops, hotels, and alfresco waterfront dining fronting Jurong Lake.

      3. Leisure, Recreation, Sports. Residents here get to enjoy Jurong Lake and its 90-hectares of gardens and parks right across the road. Work also started some time back to revamp and upgrade the gardens.

        Of these, Lakeside Garden was the first to complete, having re-opened in April 2019. The upgrade turned it into a refreshing waterside park, that snagged Urban Land Institute’s Asia Pacific Award for Excellence.

        The other two – the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden – should complete and re-open around 2023 to 2024.

        When completed, these gardens, along with the 70-hectare Jurong Lake, will form a lovely green sanctuary for families. There will be 17KM of active waterfront set amid greenery, offering a variety of recreational and water activities. There will be waterfront play experiences for children, besides the new Science Centre. Also opportunities for birdwatching and nature trails among sprawling grasslands and restored wetlands.

      4. Healthcare. The Jurong healthcare hub is just a short walk from the J’den location, connected by the same sheltered bridge actually. It links to the Jurong Community Hospital (JCH), and the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH).

        These started the trend of hospital pairing in Singapore. They were planned and built together from the start, to complement each other for better efficiency, patient care, and convenience. JCH provides patients a stepped-down setting in which to recover, once the acute care phase at NTGGH is past.

        With the advantage of being designed from the ground up, they are built for sustainability and eco-friendliness as well. Rainwater is harvested and used to water the roof-top gardens. Solar energy powers the hot water supply and landscape lighting.

        This healthcare cluster connects seamlessly to the surrounding shops and malls, forming an integral part of the community.

      5. MRT Connectivity. The J’den location is across Jurong Gateway Road from the Jurong East MRT station, about 5 minutes walk from it. This station on the East-West line is 11 stops, or about half an hour’s ride from Raffles Place.

        The East-West MRT line runs across the island, linking the west region to the city centre and Changi Airport. Along the way, it passes Buona Vista and One-North, with its research institutes and business parks.

      6. Accessibility. The J’den Residences location is not too far from two expressways. It is roughly 1.5KM to the nearest exit onto the Ayer-Rajah Expressway, and 2KM from the Pan-Island Expressway. Once onto the expressway network, travel to the rest of island is usually pretty fast, barring jams. For example, a drive off-peak to Changi Airport may take slightly over half an hour.


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